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Really? Really? Are you really trying to float the idea that making 17-19 year-olds eligible for the draft is going to help the quality of basketball played in the NCAA? Am I understanding you correctly?
p4e might be referring to the Derrick Rose's, Eric Gordon's, etc of the college game. One and done isn't ideal for the college game from an off the court standpoint. Obviously, Anthony Davis or MKG (for example) going straight to the D-League out of high school would have made UK's on court talent much worse last year, but off the court, building a program, getting an education, etc.... that's probably where the NCAA suffers with one and done talent. Arguments can be made for both sides and those arguments will always exist, but I think this might be where p4e was coming from.

I certainly agree with changing something in the system. Maybe not exactly like how baseball works, but maybe similar to how baseball works. Get the kids who dont' want to be on a college campus in the D-League and build something of a farm system for the NBA. Let the young fellas develop (if even for a year) and get them acclimated to the NBA way of life on and off the court... their chance of success might increase. Would Gerald Green (for example, you can sub in any non Kobe or KG player here) have an entirely different career if this were the case? Who knows.

Again, I see both sides of the argument and this argument could go on forever, but I'm with p4e on this one.

Go Hoosiers.