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    Default 2012-2013 NBA draft prospects thread

    place to discuss prospects for next years draft

    I have got started looking at tape earlier than last year. I have watched most of the guys in DX 13 mock and even some of the incoming freshman(not many though).

    Honestly I dont like this draft much at all. Last year when I started watching I normally start with the 2nd rd projects and work my way to the 1st. I loved a ton of 2nd rd ers last year and though they were gonna be nice NBA players. This year the guys I have watched so far like Zeke Marshall out of Akron(dont like) and Deonte Burton(dont like Scott Machado stole his lunch) of Nevada not too many 2nd rd small school guys I like compared to last year.

    In general I think it will be a really weak draft for returning guys. I mean Josh Smith in the top 20 of a draft

    I will do some video of guys after the season gets going a bit. If you want to see a certain guy make a request and I will try to do a breakdown on video.

    2 guys I love for the Pacers but wont likely be there Tony Mitchell of NT and Andre Roberson of Colorado both 4s. I love Tony Mitchell think he will be able to play the 3,4 or 5 at the NBA level and he isnt a tweeaner he is just a freak athletically very Rodman like. My only fault is his motor it isnt bad but he does take plays off which concerns me but as a defender he can be elite and he does have solid offensive skills off the bounce and a sweet stroke facing up. His rebounding is sweet he gets big boy rebounds and can go way out of area and over people to get them.

    A-Rob is a project for sure but offensively very good needs to improve defensively(but he is a shot blocker) and not the best body my comp based on last year Carl Landry with a little more skill and a better rebounder and much better defensively if he improves (like I project he will basically im saying he has the tools to be a good defender but has yet to show it enough ).

    who is everyone looking forward to watching next year??

    could we sticky this??
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