The new issue of SI spotlights Indiana sports. Thought this was interesting:

In the poll down near the bottom of the page, Indiana residents listed the Colts as their favorite pro team (26%), easily beating the Pacers (16%).

An article about the changing relationship the state has with the game:

Who do Hoosiers root for? SI asked the Hoosier State residents to weigh in* on sports.

Favorite major league baseball team
Chicago Cubs 37%
Cincinnati Reds 9%
Chicago White Sox 6%
New York Yankees 6%

Favorite NFL team
Indianapolis Colts 49%
Chicago Bears 14%
San Francisco 49ers 4%

Favorite NBA team
Indiana Pacers 60%
Chicago Bulls 11%

Favorite NHL team
Chicago Blackhawks 16%
Detroit Red Wings 9%

Favorite pro team
Indianapolis Colts 26%
Indiana Pacers 16%
Chicago Cubs 13%
Chicago Bears 7%

Favorite college team
Indiana 37%
Purdue 21%
Notre Dame 18%

Greatest athlete who ever lived in or played for a team in your state
Larry Bird 53%
Joe Montana 7%

State's biggest rivalry
Indiana-Purdue 74%
Notre Dame-Purdue 8%

More a fan of college or pro sports?
Pro 52%
College 22%
Equal 26%

Favorite sport to play
Golf 16%
Bowling 15%
Baseball/softball 15%

Favorite sports to watch on TV**
Football 78%
Basketball 55%
Winter Olympics 50%
Auto racing 43%

*Harris Interactive poll, conducted online, of 401 Indiana residents who identified themselves as sports fans. Margin of error +/- 5%.