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If the Pacers decide not to match Portland's offer, the Pacers will pursue New Orleans free-agent center Chris Kaman and Denver's JaVale McGee, sources told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher.

I'd be fine with that. I know JaVale has basketball IQ issues but after his trade to Denver, where he received good coaching and played with mature players for the first time in his career, he produced very well.

2011-12 STATS

PPG - 11.3
RPG - 7.8
FG% - .556
APG - 0.5
BLKPG - 2.16
STLPG - 0.57

Regardless of whether or not the Pacers match or if they make an offer to JaVale whether Denver would match, who has the greater upside/potential? I doubt he'll ever be a 20 ppg scorer but I doubt Hibbert will be either. I really think that JaVale could develop into a Tyson Chandler type of Center. What's Hibbert's ceiling? How close is he to it now?

I really don't have any idea.