Simple which team would you rather see take to the floor opening night this upcoming season?

Team A:
PG: Hill, DC, Lance
SG: Gordon, BRoy, Orlando
SF: Danny, PG, Dahntay
PF: West, Tyler, Lou
C: Kaman(or Camby), Plumlee, Oden

Still a play off contender, and very deep which was our biggest advantage last year. We either sign Kaman or Camby in this scenario.

Team B:

PG: Hill, DC, Lance
SG: PG, BRoy, Orlando
SF: Danny, Dahntay, FA Filler
PF: West, Tyler, Lou
C: Hibbert, Plumlee, Oden

Basically same team we filled last year.

I pose this question because everyone seems upset about the Roy thing, but in reality if we can sign EG and a decent defensive minded C, we can get more scorers and be a more rounded team than last year.