For the past week, rumor had it that we were going to select Draymond Green with the 26th pick in the draft. A lot of posters (myself included) were angry at the fact that Bird would pick such a small, un-athletic player for our frontcourt. Basically, If we were going to go big, we needed someone that was athletic, could run the floor, and could play defense and rebound.

Green was there for the taking at pick #26, and the Pacers (surprisingly) selected Miles Plumlee instead.

In retrospect, we picked up a player that fills a need on this team, but would you have rather taken Draymond instead??

Both of these guys were four year players, yet are polar opposites on the basketball court.

Green is skilled, has a high bball I.Q, but lacks the size and athleticism of your typical NBA Forward.

Plumlee on the other hand has all the size and athleticism in the world, yet he lacks in the skill and basketball I.Q department, and does not have any type of offensive repertoire to speak of.

If you HAD to choose one for the Pacers, who would you have chosen?