For the past 18 months, Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis has been quietly engaged in a legal soap opera with a woman he knows from the nightclub scene, according to court documents and courtroom testimony.

On January 10, 2011, Makini R. Chaka, 33, filed a civil complaint against Davis after he allegedly dumped juice on her head and busted her lip at a Washington, DC, nightclub. In court documents and testimony, Chaka accused Davis of assaulting, harassing, and threatening to kill her.

“I am 5’4 inches tall and 110 pounds and am afraid that I will be attacked again by this man whom is 6’4 and 260 pounds,” Chaka said in court documents.

A DC Superior Court judge granted Chaka a temporary restraining order on January 26, 2011, barring Davis from coming within 100 feet of her. Chaka is suing for a permanent stay-away order. She is also seeking “damages and injunctive relief as a result of [Davis’s] malicious, willful and intentional assault, injurious falsehood and civil conspiracy.”

Davis has denied Chaka’s claims. But while most celebrity athletes in his position would retain a high-priced lawyer, Davis has served as his own defense counsel during the case—even arguing on his own behalf at an April 10 hearing in DC Superior Court.

“It’s just all made up and flagellant,” Davis told the judge during his closing argument. (Davis has no formal legal training, according to Jean Kuei, Davis’s former attorney.)

Davis alleged in court documents that Chaka is using the nightclub incident to extort money from him.

“The civil suit is completely without merit as evidenced by the court documents, police report and witness statements filed in this matter regarding the incident in question, Ms. Chaka’s background, and her continued campaign against me for financial gain,” Davis said in a statement issued through Kuei. “I am confident that the truth will prevail.”

The Chaka case is scheduled to go to trial on March 11, 2013.

Redskins tight end Fred Davis was sued in early 2011 by Makini Chaka, a 33-year-old self-described “celebrity broker,” who says she organizes parties for famous people. Luke Mullins of the Washingtonian tells the story of the litigation and its various twists and turns, including the fact that Davis has been acting as his own lawyer.
And it shows.


The court proceedings have included Davis accusing Chaka of procuring prostitutes, an allegation Chaka has denied. The April hearing featured an exchange regarding whether Chaka has her hand on a man’s genitals in a photograph.

Davis: “As it shows, you also have your hand on his genitals. I mean why would you take a picture like that?”

Chaka: “I do not. Let’s look closely at the exhibit right here, Judge. Where is my hand placed in this exhibit?”

Judge: “I do not answer questions. . . . The witness does.”

Chaka: “Can you tell me where my hand is actually at in this photo?”

Davis: “It looks like it’s in the genitals to me. I mean your hands are on his genitals. Your hand is on his –”

Chaka: “Objection.”

It’s unclear why Davis, who signed a one-year franchise tender earlier this year with the Redskins, doesn’t have a lawyer. Though it may not be the smartest move Davis ever made, it’s sure to provide even more entertainment as the litigation continues to unfold.

Trial is set for March 11, 2013. Here’s hoping that one of the litigants requests a change of venue to the courtroom of Judge Sapp.