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I think everyone is unhappy about the pick because better value was there at every level.

The comparison to Jeff Foster is hilarious to me. Jeff was a veteran sub par starter who had very little offensive game what so ever. Miles will be lucky to be a Jeff Foster and even if he is you don't pass up players with more potential than Jeff Foster who drop to your lap in the late first.

Personally I am glad Bird is gone from doing the drafts and this will be like the Brandon Rush Roy Hibbert picks where I am more excited about the second pick than I am the first.
Not everone is upset with our draft pick. One does not expect much from the 26th pick. It takes a while for big men to develop. Look how much Hibbert has improved since he was drafted. Plumlee has the physical tools to be a first rate back up and even bring some nasty attitude to the second team. If he can spell Hibbert and keep his minutes down and play a little at PF, he will be a good pick. So many here obsessed about a PG but when did you ever hear Bird and company say that they were not happy with the PG situation the way it is now? We picked up two pieces with potential with our late first rounder and buying a second rounder. Good draft considering the conditions. It will take one of our starters to pull in a starter. I'm not sure the Pacers want to do that. Simon is happy just having a team make the playoffs and won't spend the money to produce a real contender. That is why Bird is leaving in my opinion.......