I watched him play a lot during his college career. I honestly don't understand this pick. He had a mediocre college career. He was constantly yanked in and out of the Duke starting lineup along with Mason Plumlee and Ryan Kelly. He doesn't have much offense. He can't hit jumpshots. He doesn't have the size to guard NBA centers, so I guess he's going to the end of the PF depth chart. His best game of the past season was on senior night, where he played well in the first half while his team got blown out by UNC in a game that decided the ACC regular season.

Here is an awesome pic of how he attempted the patented Duke flop to take a charge, but instead was called for a foul while John Henson put his junk on his shoulder.

Can ANYONE explain why a 1st round draft pick was used on Miles Plumlee? Did the Pacers think they were drafting Mason Plumlee?