I have been lucky since I bought this condo over 18 months ago, only had to call the cops once for a large party at 3:30 AM, and it was college kids who I figured were just having fun and let the party get out of hand (never had a noise problem after that)

Well this morning at 1:00AM we were awoken to loud noises from the unit above us. We figuredthe folks were moving furniture or trying to make the sex so i just passed out. At 2:45ish we were awoken again, and the noises did not stop until a little after 0500.

My wife thought it was a treadmill at first, then she thought it was a bunch of prostitutes. I kind of wonder if they were shooting a porn flick, or having a sex party. The noise was loud bouncing and squeaky noises, and was out of the world annoying as hell

Did not call the cops because I am not sure if they can do anything about noises that you cannot hear outside, but holy hell it was a PIA.