IND trades: Collison, George, Hans, Barbosa (S&T), future first rounder
Recieves: Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, Ray Allen (S&T)

OKC trades: Westbrook, Sefolosha
Recieves: Rajon Rondo, Barbosa, future first

BOS trades: Ray Allen, Rondo
Recieves: Collison, George, Hans


If OKC loses the finals, all the talk is going to be about and blame put on Westbrook for losing games and how he does not fit with team and cant co-exist with Durant. Needing a pass first point guard, who better than Rondo, who will probably be on the block. Rondo would fit in amazingly with OKC and also frees up cap space to sign Harden and Ibaka. Boston trades to get younger and start the re-build process and gets a great start with Collison, George and Hans. IND does this trade to finally get a star on the team in Westbrook. Pacers get a batman in him so Granger can play robin. Also get Allen who would contribute immediately and a long term shooting guard starter in Sefolosha when Allen retires.