I've had NBATV for years through different providers, but with my current provider (Cinergy Metronet), it's part of their second tier of channels beyond the standard package. That would be fine, except I've realized that I'm not watching a single other channel in that tier, basically ever, which means I'm basically paying $18 a month just to have NBATV around.

I'm starting to think I should just cut bait because while I like it, I don't watch it a ton. It's just nice knowing its there for whenever I feel like flipping to it for a few minutes to see what's up around the league if it's their nightly show, something big is happening or an event is coming up that they'll have extra coverage on (summer league, all-star weekend, training camps), and then every so often there's a documentary I'm interested in (like the one about the Dream Team this week), but again that's hardly every week.

I guess what I'm saying is I use it enough to want to keep it in general, yet because of the channel structure of my provider, I'm left to decide if this channel is worth $18 a month on its own, since I'm essentially getting nothing else from that tier that I care about.

I go back and forth on what I think.