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    Default NO

    NO gets:

    Danny Granger
    Darren Collison
    Tyler Hansborough
    2013 First Rounder (option to flip flop)
    2014 First Rounder

    IND gets:

    #1 Overall
    Trevor Ariza
    Emeka Okafor

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    Default Re: NO

    Hornets have a potential franchise saver in their hands. I don't think they should trade that for a "takes us nowhere" package
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    Default Re: NO

    Illegal thanks to the Ted Stepien rule that forbids trading first round picks in consecutive years.

    Plus NOLA takes one look and laughs.
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    Default Re: NO

    The title of this thread sums up the Hornets' answer to this pretty nicely.

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    Default Re: NO

    Add in Paul George and they might consider it.
    "It's just unfortunate that we've been penalized so much this year and nothing has happened to the Pistons, the Palace or the city of Detroit," he said. "It's almost like it's always our fault. The league knows it. They should be ashamed of themselves to let the security be as lax as it is around here."

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