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    We won't have to trade for him. Sixers are going to cut him eventually. They coudln't get anyone to take him, they still aren't playing him, they're gonna buy him out. Assuming that happens, we can sign him for the vet minimum 1.1mm I believe. I'd do that now, considering the circumstances.

    I mean we only have James Jones for SF until 2005 We're gonna need SOMEONE. May as well be Glenn.

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    I thought of this too. Donnie should call Billy King and ask him very nicely to cut Glenn immediately. Then, get Gene Keady to go to him and get it through his thick head that signing with Indiana is the perfect opportunity to rehab his image. There have been a number of "problem players" that have revitalized their careers by signing with a team in need and surprising everyone with their play (Jim Jackson is the first that comes to mind.)

    I don't care much for Robinson, either (never did forgive him for declaring for the draft 3 days after I committed to Purdue. ) But we could seriously use him. For all the baggage, he really is a talent.
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    If we can sign him for vet min , then come on down Big Dog ..your the next contestant on the price is right

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