Contract status for the 2012/2013 season:

Granger - 2 years left

West - expiring contract

Barbosa - Free agent

Jones - Player option/expiring contract if he exercises

Hibbert - restricted FA

George - final year with team option for the next season

Amundson - FA

Hans - expiring with restricted FA following year

Hill - restricted FA

Collison - expiring contract with restricted FA following year

Price - FA

Stephenson - team option

Pendergraph - expiring contract

Fresnko - FA


Everyone is on a short leash.

My gut tells me that Hibbert gets signed for $10 -$12M per year to start and increasing from there on a long term deal. Quality Centers are hard to come by and the team would have to replace him if they don't sign him.

My ever shrinking gut also says that Hill gets signed to a long term deal. The team gave up a valuable pick to get him and they knew his contract status at the time and they knew he would have a price tag after the season was over. They didn't give up that pick to rent the guy out for one season.

I am also inclinded to think that West stays. And might get an extension. Like Hibbert, he is almost irreplaceable.


After those three, I could see any kind of scenario playing out. The team could return almost intact or could have major changes in the offing.

George might stay, although I'm on the fence with him. The team may get an offer they can't refuse.

Same with Granger.

Barbosa is going to cost. Will the team fork over yet another big contract to go with the others?

Has Hansbrough proven he is worth an extension or is he prime trade bait? Same for Collison.

Vogel loves Amundson. Is that enough or will he price himself out of here?

Will Jones exercise his option. He would be silly not to IMO. I don't think he would do much better on the FA market this year. If so, he is trade bait with an expiring contract.

Price and Fresenko are probably done here. Neither did much of anything this year.

Stepheson and Pendergraph seem to be pet projects of Bird. And they are cheap. Maybe they stay, but who really cares?


Bird is not known for making big deals or for a lot of off season moves. I think that the starting five returns and I believe that there will be at least a significant change to one or two rotation players. And an addition via Free Agency as well as a draft pick.

But I could be way off.

What you think?