Vnzla, you are sucking the joy out of my forum experience. I've tried at times putting you on Ignore, but you tend to dominate the forum and many, many threads get re-focused to your objection of . So many folks take the bait and enter an argument with you that your posts are quoted all over the place. There is no getting away from you or your arguments. And, oftentimes, if you don't defy logic, you defy sensibility and compassion.

For the sake of myself and others that have enjoyed this forum and its predecessor for nearly two decades, may I beg of you one simple favor? Please, please, please, try to show a little temperance.
I'm sorry man but is not my fault that people are sensitive around here, I started this thread because I saw the rumor about Danny and people started to jump all over me, it's my right to defend myself, not only that but even though people like you hate me you love to argue with me, hence the guy asking me a question as to why I'm posting so much here.

Again If you are going to call me out and say bs about me I'm going to respond.