Gabriel Montoya of might be onto the story of the decade. Apparently he has sources who are divulging blockbuster information, if the information is actually true.
Montoya is gaining recognition for his drug testing and potential cover-up stories and was recently countered with a letter from Golden Boy law firm Lerman, Painter & Spitz LLP.
Jeffrey Spitz is none too pleased by Montoya's work.

In a letter to Montoya dated May 23, 2012, Spitz wrote: "...(Montoya) asserted to the Nevada State Athletic Commission that (he has) received information that Golden Boy attempted to obtain an agreement from the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) not to disclose a potential B sample test until after the tested boxer had participated in the scheduled fight. (Montoya) further asserted that Golden Boy had entered into an agreement with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) which contained such a provision.

You have also claimed that Golden Boy entered into a contract with USADA for testing in connection with Floyd Mayweather fights which provided inadvertant use exemption that would permit a positive test to be excused of the result were inadvertant use. And that Mayweather had tested positive on three occasions which were excused under the inadvertant use provision."


Spitz of course denies Montoya's views, writing, "Each of these statements is false and defames and severely damanges Golden Boy and others (most obviously Mr. Mayweather) and its and their reputations in the boxing and sports community.