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Thread: Man buys out store and donates everything to charity

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    Default Man buys out store and donates everything to charity

    WINCHESTER, KY (WAVE) - It may be spring, but one man is already playing the role of Santa for one Kentucky town.

    A man purchased the remaining inventory at a Clark County Kmart and proceeded to donate the goods to a local charity.

    Businessman Rankin Paynter was at the Kmart in Winchester a few weeks back buying things for his business.

    "I said to the lady 'what are you going to do with all this stuff that's leftover two days before you close,'" said Paynter.

    They told him everything goes to Kmart power buyers, so he went and became one. Six and a half hours and four cash registers later, Paynter had his fortune.

    Instead of selling it and making some cash, he donated everything Wednesday to a Clark County charity. The charity is excited to have enough hats and gloves to give away this winter for the first time.

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    Default Re: Man buys out store and donates everything to charity

    3 scenarios for the draft, starting with my favorite first:

    1. Pacers trade up for Justice Winslow

    2. Take WCS or Stanley Johnson (this is the theory of a player falling); Make trades (Hibbert/West/others) for additional picks - George Lucas and Rakeem Christmas are players I'd love to have with a late first/early 2nd round

    3. Trey Lyles

    I'm sure my opinion will change many times before the draft though.

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    Not enough of this happens anymore. Glad to see something good rather than another homicide.

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