It's confusing. We need the missing piece of the puzzle "why?"
Maybe it starts falling in place with that info. I don't know what they expect of him or what someone is wanting to do differently.

Clearly Bump Day was lacking.... And if race day attendance wasn't down, it certainly wasn't up either. You have Turbogate and you have the Loti situation forcing Honda and Chevy to go above their original plans because of Lotus. You did have the scenario of drivers/teams unable to get a (competitive) engine, yet only 33 cars qualifying. TGBB finally got booted away from any important places but surely nobody is angry over that? Beaux seems to actually want to enforce qualifying rules and has changed how racing rules are utilized. While there's a lack of ovals, I'm not sure how many race teams care. There was the turbo boost thing for qualifying that seemed a little gimmicky, especially since it seemed to be short notice and a last minute fix for the possibility that the cars might have trouble making 220MPH for qualifying. Aero packages are SUPPOSED to be on tap for next season... but originally supposed to be on tap for this year and some owners balked. I suppose there could be some backlash over Wheldon's death and the Vegas race still (Some didn't think they should race there... and few liked the promotion trying to get some outside driver to challenge Indycar's best there (that ended up being the ticket to Wheldon being there).

All of that is WAG's to pour into the pot. Not sure if anything is even close.