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    Default Bball's 2012 Indy 500 Pics and Comments

    Release the balloons-

    Underpowered, off the pace, and ordered off the track:

    Hinch looked promising early but never really challenged late:

    I suspect TK got everything out of his car today:

    In the things that make you go hmmmm category... Conway slides into his pit askew and hits a couple of crew members. In the photo he's not yet stopped and you see one crewman in the air and another about to be hit in front. Supposedly, this damaged the front wing but they went back out without repairing it and allegedly that led to Conway getting into the wall and collecting Will Power as well. Power wasn't happy.

    Marco had a very Andretti day. Led the most laps I believe... grew frustrated with his team.... and ultimately didn't even finish the race.

    Ed Carpenter seemed to have everything falling his way until a late spin. He didn't hit anything but the spin cost him a great finish possibility, including the possibility of being in contention for the win at the end.

    Pagenaud's team makes a pit stop:

    Graham Rahal:

    I never really noticed Hilderbrand ever really being a factor.

    The pits can be a busy place:

    Will Power:


    RHR- Lost power and that ended his day:

    Townsend Bell. Fairly quiet compared to a normal Townsend Ball month of May.

    If racing was more like a parade then the best looking car would get an award. Sea Bass would certainly be in contention for that award:

    Pole sitter Ryan Briscoe:

    Heading for the checkered flag... under caution...

    Dario Franchitti heads down Pit Row after winning 2012 Indy 500

    Sato has a habit of brain fades so it's hard to say for sure if there was any way the circumstances could've played out differently for him but I suspect if the track could've went green just a tad sooner and given him a few more laps to ride in second after passing Dixon either himself or himself with the help of his team could've strategized that last lap better. Dario gave him room enough. In fact, it almost looked like Dario baited him into making that early (and rushed) move. He saw a hole and took it before really considering if he should.

    I never really got a good feel for the crowd today. I did see the speedway has finally admitted defeat and simply removed those lousy seats that no longer sell along the pit entrance.

    It was a very entertaining race. I think just the fact Danica wasn't there was a plus for me. I hope she never comes back but I'm sure she will... as soon as her schtick wears off in Nascar and she comes back with her tail between her legs... And she'll find out the sport moved on without her just fine. But as long as her marketing machine is in gear someone will accept her money.

    I'm guessing the new engines Honda loaded in the cars weren't just clones of their earlier incarnations. As soon as I saw how quickly Dario and Dixon were able to get to the front, even after Dario had the issue in the pit, I knew this wasn't going to be a Chevy party like pole day was.

    My sincerest thank you to Beaux Barfield for keeping the pace car on the track until the T4 pit entrance. That's the proper way to start and restart the Indy 500. Also glad to see that they got the Loti off the track quickly when it was obvious they were going to be rolling chicanes (and the call was made before letting them get too much in the way of the leaders rather than waiting for the leaders to have trouble with them and THEN making the Milka call). Simona came in quickly but Alesi stayed out an extra lap or two after the call was made. Not sure if they stopped scoring the Loti or what because technically if Simona came in first she would be 33rd and Alesi, having an extra lap under his belt, would be 32. But track scoring had them listed opposite of that.

    Also, except for the Marco accident (and that might be perception more than reality) it seemed the track went back to green fairly quickly today. That's the way it ought to be. IIRC there was a lot of chatter on the radios trying to get the cars in the correct order for the restart after Marco's accident.

    As for the heat... Whatcha talking about? Our shaded seats in the Paddock Penthouse with a continual breeze were actually pretty comfortable.
    And honestly that is true... but for those out there on that aluminum with no shade. OUCH.
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