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    Default The Anime/Manga thread...

    For the first time...ever, A basketball anime that isn't terrible. Shoot, it's just a great basketball story in general, if you can deal with the anime style it's written in.

    Normally I'd just post this in the anime thread, but since there's hoops involved...

    Just picked this title up and can't put it down. It was obviously written by someone who really loves the game and I respect that.

    That said...yeah, some of the "surprise tactics" used by Kuroko's team have been used in every American highschool gym for the last 50 years. Japan's still lagging behind the rest of the world in basketball, and the show actually teases itself in that regard.

    Story-wise, it's exceptionally well-written. The main character being a pure point guard who's only great skills are floor awareness and court vision is something that's never been tried in American cinema. In %99 of them, it's the same old narrative of the superstar showing up to carry the team to victory. The main character of this show actually is useless on his own, but is great because he makes the teammates around him better. The basketball itself is pretty primitive, but it captures the spirit of the game flawlessly. There's something neat about celebrating that.
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