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Thread: 5/17/2012 NBA Playoffs, Second Round - Game Thread #3: Pacers Vs. Heat

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    Default 5/17/2012 NBA Playoffs, Second Round - Game Thread #3: Pacers Vs. Heat



    Game Time Start: 7:00 PM EST
    Where: The Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
    Officials: D. Crawford, T. Brothers, J. Goble, D. Collins

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, Miami Notes
    Local Radio: WIBC 93.1 FM
    NBA Feeds:
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    Series & Season Records:

    Home: 2-1

    Away: 1-1
    Upcoming Games:
    May 20
    May 22
    May 24
    May 26

    If Necessary

    If Necessary

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    None to report

    Chris Bosh - Lower Abdominal Strain (out indefinitely)

    Eight Points, Nine Seconds Review:
    Jared Wade: Taking Away the Three and Marginalizing Miamiís Role Players

    The Heatís second best player has shot like trash in this series. After shooting 8-for-22
    last night, as noted by Brian Windhorst of, Dwayne Wade is now 4-for-19
    (21%) on jump shots in two games against Indiana. While Frank Vogel has credited this
    to how well Paul George has been playing defense (which is mostly true), this isnít just
    a second-round issue for Wade. Including the Knicks series, he is now 12-for-49 (25%)
    on jumpers during the playoffs. That is horrible and if he continues to shoot at that rate
    outside the paint, the Miami Heat have no chance to beat the Pacers. They really donít.

    Most onlookers would expect Wade to turn it around, however. And even if he canít get
    out of his jump-shooting slump, he is such a dynamic and versatile scorer that he will
    find ways to put points on the board. He is still among the most lethal penetrators in
    league history, a Maserrati on the break and a fixture at the free-throw line. His
    individual talent to score remains the second-biggest concern for the Pacers (following,
    ya know, the talents of that other guy.)

    Conversely, it really isnít Wade that the Heat should be concerned about.

    What they need to fix is the lack of production from their one-dimensional supporting
    cast. Because the rest of the team is shooting just as poorly as Wade. In 160 combined
    minutes during Game 2, the other eight players who entered the game other than
    James and Wade scored just 23 points on 9-for-34 FGs (26.5%). In Game 1, over 140
    combined minutes, Miami players not named LeBron, Wade or Bosh scored 21 points
    on 7-for-21 (33%) shooting. And being even that useful required a 4-for-4, 9-point
    performance from Joel Antony, a career 2.7 point per game scorer.

    Part of the Plan

    For the Pacers, this is all going according to strategy. Frank Vogel was on 1070 The
    Fan radion in Indiana this morning and discussed how his team is focusing on taking
    away Miamiís role players.

    ď[We're] very focused on what those guysí strengths are,Ē said Vogel. ďAll their role
    players are capable of much greater production than they put forth last night. But
    they are sort of limited in what can do. Theyíre either drivers or shooters or dunkers
    at the basket. But theyíre not versatile, theyíre not multi-weapon type of guys. So if
    you just dial in to taking away their one strength, theyíre guys that can be limited.Ē

    The number-one way to minimize the Heatís bench is to take away their ability to
    shoot open three-point looks. There are very few ways any of them can hurt you
    other than by making triples. And it is something they do very well.

    Throughout the regular season...CONTINUE READING AT 8p9s

    Heat Index Preview:
    3-on-3 preview: Heat-Pacers, Game 3

    In another installment of the Heat Index's 3-on-3 series, our writers give their takes on
    the storylines before the Heat visit the Pacers for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference

    1. Fact or Fiction: Dwyane Wade should have been suspended.

    Tom Haberstroh: Fiction. Although, I've gone both ways on this one. Darren Collison
    decelerated slightly for the pass, so I'm not sure it was all Wade's fault for the sheer
    velocity of impact. But I can't shake the feeling that this wasn't a fully objective ruling. I
    keep asking myself the following three "What Ifs": What if Collison and Wade switched
    places? What if Chris Bosh wasn't out indefinitely? What if the Heat were up 2-0 instead of
    split in the series? We'll never know.

    Michael Wallace: Fiction. I thought a Flagrant 1 was adequate punishment to fit the
    crime. As it turned out, that extra possession Indiana got as a result of Wade's message-
    sending cheap shot ended up costing the Heat in a 3-point loss. I will say this: Had Wade
    or LeBron been hit from behind like that, my guess is the call would have been more harsh
    under the same circumstances.

    Brian Windhorst: Fiction. It was a cheap shot hit and was properly called a flagrant
    foul. It would've been interesting had it been called a flagrant-2 foul and they had to
    review it and decide whether Wade should've stayed in the game. Joey Crawford was all
    over the play, made the call and the league stood by him. It was proper.

    2. Fact or Fiction: Heat need Haslem to step up more than Miller

    Haberstroh: Fact. Haslem has played worse than just about anybody left in the
    playoffs and the Heat don't have anyone who can score underneath. If they can just get
    Haslem to provide 10 points with some mid-range jumpers and put-backs, it would open
    up so much in LeBron James and Wade's games, especially in the pick-and-roll.

    Wallace: Fact. Only because Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers or James Jones are
    capable of giving Miami the shooting Mike Miller is supposed to provide. With Chris Bosh
    out, Miami doesn't have any other bigs who as effective as Haslem could be in the pick-
    and-roll game with Wade and LeBron. Who else is going to grab 10 rebounds if needed?
    Haslem must first give Erik Spoelstra a reason to play him more than the 12 minutes he
    got in Game 2.

    Windhorst: Fact. Well, the Heat need somebody to step up, anyone. But Haslem
    would be a bigger boost because if he was able to get his jumper going he would be a
    threat in the pick-and-roll game. With Bosh gone, the Heat's favorite play has been
    gutted because the Pacers do not respect whoever is in the play unless it is Wade and

    3. Fact or Fiction: You expect the foul disparity to even out in Game 2.

    Haberstroh: Fact. I would say that a breakout game of the Heat's supporting
    cast is just around the corner, but I look at Haslem and Miller limping up and down
    the floor and I can't help but wonder if there's something more that's plaguing this
    team. The Pacers are healthy, hungry and home for the next two games. This is a
    toss-up, to me.

    Wallace: Fiction. I'd go 55/45 still in favor of the Heat. Miami still has the
    league MVP in James and a top-5 player in Wade on the roster. Two more baskets
    from anyone else on the roster the other night would've put the Heat ahead 2-0
    right now. You could also look at it another way and say that if the refs didn't hold
    back Indy in Game 1, the Pacers could also be up 2-0. So in essence, that does
    mean this thing is essentially anyone's series to win.

    Windhorst: Fiction. The Heat have the two-best players and overall more
    experience. They still have the edge but it is much closer, there's a much smaller
    margin for error with Bosh out.

    Hoopspeak Review:
    Zach Harper: Nice win, Indiana. Please get in the paint.

    Iíd like to congratulate the Indiana Pacers on stealing a road playoff game against one
    of the best home teams in the NBA. It wasnít pretty by any means and it seemed like
    both teams were giving the game away throughout the final couple minutes. However,
    a win is a win in the playoffs and even the poor play by Indiana down the stretch
    doesnít change the fact that the series is now evened up at one game apiece.

    Thatís pretty huge for the Pacers to be heading back to Indiana after stealing home
    court advantage.

    Hereís the thing though: The Pacers are in some serious trouble.

    The Heat looked completely disjointed on offense while trying to adjust to life without
    Chris Bosh. Sure they scored 53 points in the second half of Game 1, but last night
    was a fantastic combination of really good, aggressive defense by the Pacers and
    utter confusion and a stalemate execution by Miami.

    I think the Pacers defense will be fine against the Miami Heat. Paul George seems to
    have figured out that his length can make up for any physical advantage Dwyane
    Wade might have over him. Until Dwyane adjusts and figures out that he needs to do
    his damage away from the ball and heading toward the basket coming off of screens,
    George should be able to bother him and hope Wade isnít just making really hard

    Grangerís effort on LeBron in the second half was great because he seemed to know
    exactly how to get him to dribble toward the help and take away his driving lanes.
    Weíve seen a lot in LeBronís career recently that if he doesnít have any daylight to
    dribble into the paint, he seems to get confused on what he should do. He gets
    complacent with his offensive attack and just relies on bad pull-up jumpers. In the
    first half of Game 2, he got into the paint and used that floater heís been perfecting.
    When the Pacers took away the paint in the second half, he had to rely on a lot of
    effort plays (offensive rebounds, quick post-ups for position) to get points inside.

    The thing I worry about with the Pacers is their offense. Itís extremely basic and itís
    going away from everything theyíre good at.

    Want to know why Danny Granger has been so bad in the first two games? Aside
    from LeBron James suffocating him like an insecure and overbearing boyfriend
    that is dating out of his league, the Pacers fail to recognize whenever Granger
    might actually have an advantage.

    On this play in particular, the Pacers have a chance to post Granger on the right
    block with Mike Miller guarding him. If George makes the pass right away, Turiaf
    probably dives toward the post to help and it gives Hibbert and his unending
    length a clear area right at the basket. It looks like LeBron is anticipating a lob
    pass here but a quick fake reversal pass to David West at his sweet spot
    probably makes LeBron retreat. Instead George just seems completely lost with
    the basketball.

    When Paul George misses the entry pass right away, it allows Ronny Turiaf to
    help over from Hibbert and that takes away the pass altogether. The problem I
    have with this play is it seems like it was designed as misdirection on the post-
    up to run Granger off of a screen to get him a jumper from 20 feet.

    When Granger comes off the screen, LeBron is there in help defense to knock
    the pass away (he jumps the screen perfectly) and get the Heat a transition
    score the other way.

    Itís really impossible to see why George Hill thought it was a good idea to make
    this pass. LeBron is right there waiting to switch on the screen.

    This steal leads to many people being shocked that Norris Cole can dunk a
    basketball and me wanting to pull my hair out. They had a post up with Granger
    on a guy who canít check him and instead of making the easy post-entry pass
    or adjusting their play...CONTINUE READING AT HOOPSPEAK

    140 Characters of (Non-PD) Coverage

    Mike Wells @MikeWellsNBA
    Jared Wade @8pts9secs
    Tim Donahue @TimDonahue8p9s
    Tom Lewis @indycornrows
    Ian Levy @HickoryHigh

    Brian Windhorst @windhorstESPN
    Tom Haberstroh @tomhaberstroh
    Peninsula is Mightier @DavidDwork
    This is the darkest timeline.

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