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Thread: 5/15/2012 NBA Playoffs, Second Round - Game Thread #2: Pacers Vs. Heat

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    Default 5/15/2012 NBA Playoffs, Second Round - Game Thread #2: Pacers Vs. Heat



    Game Time Start: 7:00 PM EST
    Where: AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL
    Officials: J. Crawford, B. Adams, E. Malloy, D. Jones

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, Miami Notes
    Local Radio: WIBC 93.1 FM
    NBA Feeds:

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    Series & Season Records:
    Away: 2-1
    Home: 4-0
    Upcoming Games:
    May 17
    May 20
    May 22
    May 24
    May 26

    If Necessary

    If Necessary

    If Necessary

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    None to report

    Chris Bosh - Lower Abdominal Strain (out indefinitely)

    Eight Points, Nine Seconds Preview:
    Jared Wade: What Bosh Not Playing Means and Indiana Playing Small Ball

    Eric Spoelstra is being coy about his starting lineup for Game 2.

    Chris Bosh is (almost) certainly out. Many presume that means Miami will move
    LeBron James to now-vacant power forward slot while putting Shane Battier at the
    other forward. Tom Haberstroh of ESPN’s Heat Index said the Spo “smiled” earlier
    today when reporters asked if LeBron would start at the 4, saying only that “all
    options are on the table.”

    Going small after Bosh went down is not what Spoelstra did Game 1. He instead
    opened the second half with a more traditional front court of James, Udonis Haslem
    and Ronny Turiaf. Still undersized no doubt, but there were two prototypical big
    men on the court. That didn’t last long, however. LeBron and Battier played the
    entire fourth quarter at the 4 and 3 spots, respectively, as the Heat dominated the
    Pacers for 12 straight minutes on their way to the victory. In one 3-minute stretch
    early in the period, those two — along with Joel Anthony in the front court and
    Dwayne Wade and Mike Miller at the guard spots — went on a 10-2 run from which
    the Pacers would never recover.

    As that shows, whether or not LeBron starts at power forward in Game 2 is more
    semantics than anything. Regardless who steps on the court at tip-off, Indiana is
    certain to see plenty of him at the position throughout the series, particularly if
    Bosh, as some presume, will not play again.

    In some very obvious ways, this benefits Indiana.

    Unstoppable Size

    The Heat have nobody on their roster who can guard the 7’2″ Roy Hibbert.
    Without the 6’11″ Bosh — Miami’s tallest rotation player — Hibbert will have an
    even more glaring size advantage. Bosh isn’t exactly Kevin Garnett defensively,
    and Roy had his was with him in early in Game 1, but Spoelstra can’t be excited
    about having to take his chances with any of Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem or
    Ronny Turiaf guarding Hibbert one-on-one when there isn’t even another
    traditional big man on the floor to clog up the paint.

    For what it’s worth, even battling foul trouble that eventually led to him fouling
    out, Hibbert went 2-for-3 with two free-throw attempts and 2 offensive boards in
    9 fourth-quarter minutes on Sunday, even as the Pacers went away from the
    post-up game by launching...CONTINUE READING AT 8p9s

    Heat Index Preview:
    5-on-5 preview: Pacers-Heat, Game 2

    In another postseason installment of the Heat Index's 5-on-5 series, our writers give
    their takes on the storylines before the Heat host the Pacers in Game 2 Tuesday night.

    1. Fact or Fiction: Roy Hibbert will get 20-and-10 in Game 2.

    Tim Donahue, 8 points, 9 seconds: Fiction. It's possible, but unlikely. There
    are too many things that mitigate against Hibbert getting much more than 30 minutes
    - fouls, match ups, conditioning. In addition, Hibbert is too easy to take away, if he
    becomes the main focus of the offense. The 17 & 11 he put up Sunday feels awfully
    close to his peak to me.

    Tom Haberstroh: Fact. Expecting big things from him in Game 2. I see Frank
    Vogel getting back to his roots, and studying the tape to find a better way to get him
    the ball in the post with Chris Bosh ailing. Secondly, the Heat know that locking down
    the perimeter and creating havoc in the passing lanes will lead them to fastbreak
    opportunities. They'll "let" Hibbert get his.

    Jared Wade, 8 points, 9 seconds: Fiction. He only dropped a 20/10 four times
    this regular season and couldn't manage to do so against the center-less Magic in the
    first round. Doubt he starts now against one of the league's premier defensive teams.

    Michael Wallace: Fiction. I believe Hibbert will get the rebounding numbers.
    But he doesn't have to quite score 20 for the Pacers to be effective. In order for
    Indiana to fully exploit its size/strength advantage, Hibbert's production must be
    complemented by David West.

    Brian Windhorst: Fact. He only got 27 minutes and 12 shots in Game 1 because
    of foul trouble. He also had to play a half against Bosh. And he still had 17 points and
    11 rebounds. No excuse not to improve on that.

    2. Fact or Fiction: Danny Granger needs to step up more than Hibbert.

    Donahue: Fact. Miami proved that they can live with the Pacer bigs having their
    way, provided Indiana gets little or nothing from the perimeter. The Pacers have little
    or no chance of winning a game - let alone the series - if Granger doesn't play better
    at both ends.

    Haberstroh: Fact. This is their leading scorer and he was invisible offensively.
    The Heat don't respect Granger quite on the same level as Carmelo Anthony, but he's
    clearly much less capable against James. If they have any hope of stealing a game in
    Miami, Granger needs to hit his shots. Otherwise, where else are those points going to
    come from?

    Wade: Fact. The Pacers spread the scoring around pretty evenly but Granger
    usually finishes near 20 points when they're playing at their best. This means he gets
    a few open threes, a few transition points and a few points he creates by getting to the
    rim or pulling up in the mid-range. He needs to find a way to score or Indiana is toast.

    Wallace: Fact. Granger claimed that Vogel apologized after the Game 1 loss for
    not getting him more involved offensively. Granger also has to be much better than 1
    for 10 from the field. Bottom line is Granger must make James work much harder
    defensively at a time when he'll be carrying an even bigger load to make up for Bosh's

    Windhorst: Fiction. The Pacers hopes are on Hibbert, he has to be a force. He
    has to compel the Heat to alter their defense and get out of their preferred style.
    Granger of course has to play better, he can't be going 1-of-10. But after watching
    Granger play against James about 25 times over the years, I do not expect greatness.

    3. Fact or Fiction: You expect the foul disparity to even out in Game 2.

    Donahue: Fact. No good way to answer this, but 9 is a big gap, so it will likely
    go down. Miami (read: James and Wade) attacks the rim much more, and that will
    create more fouls. Unless Granger and Paul George become much more active, the
    Pacers will remain...CONTINUE READING AT HEAT INDEX

    Hoopspeak Preview:
    Brett Koremenos: Heat vs. Pacers - Game 2 Adjustments

    Slow down, post up
    Indiana’s inability to punish the Heat inside in Game 1 wasn’t so much about posts being
    fronted and not getting the ball inside, but not allowing things to develop enough to see
    if the read was even available.

    Tonight, the Pacers’ biggest adjustment must simply be to have more patience. Too many
    times, Indiana’s ball handlers rushed their actions and forced themselves into bad spots.
    On the fronting issue in particular, the player making the entry pass needs to slow down,
    use pass or shot fakes to make the defense commit to either helping on the big or staying
    on the shooter, and then make the corresponding read.

    Once the Pacers show some poise, then the tactical adjustments can be made. The first
    being that head coach Frank Vogel needs to eliminate any post ups on the block for
    players not named Roy Hibbert. David West is much better facing the basket and none of
    the Pacer wings have shown enough post dominance to warrant touches other than in
    extreme situations (like Granger with one foot in the paint and Mario Chalmers switched
    onto him).

    Vogel also needs to switch how he is getting Hibbert his post looks. Miami’s fronting
    scheme is most effective in two situations: when the Pacers run a cross screen into a
    post up or when they simply look for him in transition. In both of these situations,
    weakside helpers can easily position...CONTINUE READING AT HOOPSPEAK

    Crossover Chronicles Preview:
    Philip Rossman-Reich: What will it take for Pacers to pull off improbable upset?

    Frank Vogel will kill me already for calling this an upset despite his Indiana Pacers being
    down 1-0 in their playoff series with the Miami Heat.

    Undoubtedly, though to many NBA observers, a Pacers victory in their second-round
    matchup with the Heat would be nothing less than an upset of monumental proportions.
    Miami after all is the world beaters with the supposed cake-walk to the NBA Finals
    thanks to Derrick Rose's injury and Chicago's subsequent elimination.

    The Celtics, even, are the real opponent awaiting the Heat, not the third-seeded Pacers.

    Face Indiana at your own risk though. This is a team that is feeling extremely confident
    after a virtual sweep of Orlando in the first round, closing out the five-game series with
    four straight wins. What the Pacers lack in experience (and maybe some poise), they
    make up for in athleticism and versatility. The Pacers were a matchup nightmare for
    the undersized Magic and had plenty of time to experiment.

    While the Heat had several blowout victories against the Pacers during the season, the
    Playoffs ARE a different animal as both teams will likely learn in this series. Frank Vogel
    is one of the best rising coaches in the league and he is already learning the battle of
    words and posturing that comes with being this deep in the Playoffs. This is a team that
    has strengths where the Heat have weaknesses -- point guard, center and bench depth.


    140 Characters of (Non-PD) Coverage

    Mike Wells @MikeWellsNBA
    Jared Wade @8pts9secs
    Tim Donahue @TimDonahue8p9s
    Tom Lewis @indycornrows
    Ian Levy @HickoryHigh

    Brian Windhorst @windhorstESPN
    Tom Haberstroh @tomhaberstroh
    Peninsula is Mightier @DavidDwork
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