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If he was a big ticket how much was he making then?

So here is where I agree with you. I think Jim is in it for Jim but he also has to spend money and often he goes beyond what the league requires as the minimal salary for fielding a team. In fact if you want to look up the number Jim spends close to what the Patriots spend year in and year out over the last decade.

So from actual numbers Addai was slotted to make somewhere between 3.75 and 4.3 mill. Is that a big ticket? IMO no, not for a primary back but you have to ask yourself is Addai a primary back anymore?

Really Addai is a third down back now and so why pay him starter money when he hasn't stayed healthy for the last 2 years and hasn't produced very much at all outside of one skill set which most teams pay minimal dollar for.

Mewelde Moore is in fact a fraction of the cost of Addai and a lot of these cuts in 2012 had to do with one stat IMO. Wins above replacement or WAR (yes I am stealing this from baseball).

This is what good teams do. They replace the old guys that are no longer producing and are getting paid too much.

This was the case made for cutting Addai, Brackett and Clark. So if I can replace Addai with Moore, Brackett with Angerer, Clark with Coby FLeener/Dwayne Allen at a fraction of the cost why not do it?

To put the numbers in perspective Olblu thats taking roughly 18.5 for below average production for the last two years and paying 6 million for similar or better production.

So IMO thats not being cheap thats just being smart and if you want validation for my point of view look at what the market value was for Dallas Clark, Addai, and Gary Brackett. Dallas got 2.7 million and 1 million guaranteed if he makes the week 1 roster. Addai is cut but they got him for 1.4 million. Gary is still not signed but I'll eat my shoe if he gets more than 2 million.
Nice analysis and I agree with most of it......... But I doubt you get similar or better production. We will see what happens. I am expecting absolutely nothing and years of futility as Jim Irsay turns into his father..... ...