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What a great night, capping it off with finding out it was Mel's birthday was fantastic.

My favorite crowd sign was the set that said "I got a cowbell and it can only be cured by MORE FEVER!"

I could allllllmmmmmmmmooooooooost make an argument for Erlana Larkins to get a nod for series MVP because I really think her contribution was the missing piece the Fever have needed for a long time - and kudos to Coach Dunn for having the guts to make such a HUGE lineup switch in the playoffs then sticking with it. When it comes right down to it, though, the MVP is the opne who puts you on her shoulders and carries you to the finish - no question that was Catch.

They didn't print up anywhere near enough championship t-shirts, so they ran out long before we could get to one. The hat is what I really want.
I think a case could have been made for both Larkins and Shavante.