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Thread: Breaking: Police Respond To Junior Seau's Oceanside Home (COMFIRMED: RIP Seau)

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    Default Re: Breaking: Police Respond To Junior Seau's Oceanside Home (COMFIRMED: RIP Seau)

    Quote Originally Posted by Haywoode Workman View Post
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    There's people on this very board who argue against making ANY changes to the game that may infringe on its entertainment. I guess it makes you a "lowfat cream cheese eating hippie", or whatever that Fender idiot was trying to insult me with, if you try to argue just how detrimental repeated head injuries can be to a player's physical and mental health. There needs to be some MAJOR changes to the game of football. Entertainment is not worth the lives of other human beings.
    I am guilty of it as well. Of course, so is the NFL itself with its whole proposal to extend the season to 18 games.

    As I said above, athletes beat themselves up from a young age for the fame and hope of making it big. I wonder how much steroids had to play, if anything, in this case. Also he was divorced, but again its hard to say what/how much effects a person

    Not sure who or what "Fender" is, but I am as guilty as the next guy in hating how watered down the league has become. That said, as TJ said man this is bad news for the NFL. The same day the Saints stuff gets released this happens. I smell a lot of lawsuits from former players, as if the NFL didnt have plenty already.

    I did not watch the SC PC, but just reading about it was tough. Seau's mom saying a parent should never have to bury their son.

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