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The more astounding thought to me was the fact that they just dropped Jabar Gaffney, I know Gaffney isn't great but he lead them in receptions last year.
Keep in mind that Gaffney was put on the trading block BEFORE the draft. Meaning he was going to be traded or released soon.

He was the top WR by default, as the Redskins had so many injuries at that position, there wasn't anyone else to throw to. Gaffney's YAC was terrible. He was the king of catching the ball and falling down. He never had a 1000 yard season.

I think the Redskins want a group of young WRs that RG3 can grow with. Not a group of WRs in their early to mid 30s that they'll have to replace in a couple of years and have RG3 start over with a bunch of new ones. Gaffney being 32 and having other WRs who are like him, but younger and better, spelled his doom.