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Thread: What should the punishment(s) be for Piston org?

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    Default What should the punishment(s) be for Piston org?

    Several of you in posts have made various references to how Detroit, the organization, the city, the fans, etc, should be punished. Let's make it a separate thread.

    I'm not saying we don't deserve some suspensions and/or punishments as well. That's handled in other threads and acknowledged here.

    But, any unbiased person would, I think, agree that serious ramifications will ensue down the road if the Detroit org or fans are not clearly dealt with.

    I have heard the following mentioned:

    A $5million, $10, or $15 million dollar fine to the Pistons.

    The beer-thrower charged with inciting a riot.

    Jay added that his season ticket should be revoked. And the Pistons should get a restraining order against him preventing him from being with fifty yards of The Palace ever again.

    One person suggested the next game be played empty in the palace.

    I would add that ANY fan identified as instigating problems should be banned from NBA games for the season. That includes the nearly hundred or more drink and popcorn throwers, etc.

    I think the handful of those that can be identified who came onto the court (or the big black guy in the stands) should be banned from attending NBA games.

    I think the chair thrower should be banned for life and prosecuted.

    Other suggestions: why not play the next few Pistons games in some other place like, where was it, North Dakota, where they were so appreciative to host a pre-season game?

    Just for the Pistons--not the whole league--they should clear out the first ten rows until the All-Star break. Yes, it would cost money, but it would send a clear, palpable message to the actual fans that there is repercussions for those truly irresponsible actions. That, bottom line, is what needs to be communicated, and therefore the right people need to be punished the right way. I'd like to hear more suggestions on how to do that.

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    Default Re: What should the punishment(s) be for Piston org?

    I believe the Pistons organization should be levied a fine (no big deal there) but also should have to play say 5-10 home games in an empty areana to make it clear to all teams in the league that this is intolerable. To say security was adequate is riduculous. Let the Pistons organization play some games with $0 revenue from concessions and merch sales at the Palace and do not show the games on TV either (if possible, not sure if the NBA can do anything about 3rd party contracts between teams and media). I'm sure security would be beefed up around the league if the penalty is harsh like this.

    I have no doubt that the players will be punished severely; the organization should be as well.

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