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Grigson did a very good job for his first draft, as well as signing UDFA.

Working on offense this year and work on D next year. This makes more sense to me than trying to improve both at the same time, let us get a strong group together on one side of the ball that gets chemistry together early, especially on offense to help Luck.

With the D we are bringing in a good coach that is good in this area, let him work with the guys for a year and then determine our weaknesses, especially with our group of young secondary players.

Excited to see who makes the team and the pre season games.
There were certainly a couple of guys that I knew were going to be UDFA that I was really hoping the Colts would get and they didn't.

Really would have liked Derek Moye (6'4" WR with 4.55 speed - would have been another weapon in the red zone, plus we don't have a single receiver over 6'0") & Sammy Brown, OLB, 12.5 sacks and led the nation with 28 TFL.