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Thread: Has anybody else ever had an experience like this with StubHub

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    Default Re: Has anybody else ever had an experience like this with StubHub

    Wonder if the guy selling the tickets misunderstood how he was supposed to deliver them? Was the fedex from the seller or from StubHub?

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    Default Re: Has anybody else ever had an experience like this with StubHub

    Quote Originally Posted by Freddie fan View Post
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    I bought some balcony center tickets last Tuesday for the Bulls regular season finale this Wednesday. I paid for the tickets, my PayPal account has been charged and I received this confirmation:

    "Thanks for your purchase! Your order is covered by our FanProtectTM Guarantee and you can expect your tickets to be delivered by the date below.

    Expected delivery date: Monday, 04/23/2012 (based on seller estimate)

    We'll send you another email as soon as the seller ships your tickets. You can check your order status any time in My Account."

    So, today, I get this email:

    "Regarding order 52443372, the seller has informed us the tickets you
    ordered are no longer available. While this is rare, rest assured your
    purchase is covered by our FanProtectTM Guarantee.

    We have found substitute tickets for you. Please contact us immediately
    at 1.866.STUBHUB (1.866.788.2482) to secure these tickets.

    Balcony Corner 227, Row 16
    Electronic - Instant Download

    NOTE: We will hold these tickets as long as possible, but the nature of
    the ticket market is such that they may not be available by the time you
    get back to us. So call us right away!

    If you have any further questions, please send us an email at

    Thank you for choosing StubHub!"

    So, how does a seller sell me tickets he doesn't have? And why does StubHub think it's okay to offer me lower-value replacement tickets in a worse section that are also in a higher row than what I had purchased?

    I called StubHub and my choices were to accept the lower-value balcony corner tickets or to get a refund and buy new tickets. Of course, comparable tickets to the ones I bought last week would now cost more than twice as much now on StubHub, which is why I bought tickets early.

    I took the refund (well, I'm supposed to get a refund in 10 days or so - I wonder if they'll refund the service charge) and I think I'm just going to watch the game on TV. I was looking forward to attending the game without paying a whole lot, so this is a bummer. I wonder how often this happens. Has anybody else had an experience like this?

    It is simple -- Stub Hub and every other site all uses the same Database of tickets available. If you purchase these on StubHub at the exact same time someone in Chicago purchases them off (or whatever generic ticket broker) they will double purchase and then upon getting them in hand realize the error. It happens often actually and that is why Stubhub gives you this guarantee.

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    Default Re: Has anybody else ever had an experience like this with StubHub

    That is wierd so what did stubhub say Freddie Fan

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