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    Default My Prediction

    Pacer fans aren't going to be happy when the dust settles. The Pistons will be penalized much less than Indiana.

    Wallace will get a game. If anyone left the bench and it is on tape they will get a game as well. That's it.

    OTOH, Artest will bear the brunt. I'll grant there was mitigating circumstances but the NBA has never been one to acknowledge mitigating circumstances (unless your name is "Jordan" which could be deemed a 'mitigating' circumstance in and of itself). The NBA will use Artest's 'history' as an aggrivating circumstance (keep in mind he was penalized for leaving the bench last year (even if it was a bit ticky tacky)).

    He won't be the only one but his will be the worse. 10 games at minimum and I won't at all be surprised to hear the remainder of the season. I could see Jermaine getting 10 games if Artest gets worse than 10 (JO will be less than Ron's). Jackson will get whatever JO gets.

    Tinsley, Harrison, Freddy will all get at least one game for going into stands.... and anyone else caught on tape.

    If the NBA has the power I wouldn't be surprised if they declared this game a forfeit on both sides and neither side getting a W. Once again, Indiana would get the worse of that punishment (since Detroit already scored the L).

    The NBA will come down hard when it is all said and done and Indiana just has more 'punishable' people. I'm not necessarily saying 'guilty' people but I don't know what the NBA could do to make a point of the Detroit fans to balance this out.

    Nuntius was right for a while. I was wrong for a while. But ultimately I was right and Frank Vogel has been let go.


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    Default Re: My Prediction

    If Artest gets the rest of the season, I don't know how I will react

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    Default Re: My Prediction

    It was the Pistons management who allowed drunks to keep drinking throughout the fourth quarter, something not allowed at Colts and Pacers games, and I'd think, most NBA cities.

    If I were Stern, I'd hit the Pistons in the pocket by not allowing alcohol sales for a number of games, most certainly including the next Pacers game in Detroit in March.

    I'd imagine there will stricter control on when alcohol can be sold in all NBA venues, too.

    Question: Can the players association in the NBA immediately appeal a suspension, negating the suspension until an appeal on the rulings can be heard?

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    Default Re: My Prediction

    hmmm.... we might not square off against the Pistons in the 2nd round after all ... we might not even square off in the play-offs at all:::


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    Artest was not the instigator in the fight, so he won't be out for teh entire season. I would say about 10 games or so.
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