So if Orlando wants to have any shot of keeping Dwight around I think they will need to get Deron Williams this off-season.

Orlando is in a financial crunch as it is, if they want to do this they will need to find a taker for Jameer and Hideo.

What do you guys think about trading for Jameer, JJ Redick, Danial Orton, their 1st this year a future 1st for our future 2nd lets say Lance.

I know that Orlando would still have to make a ton of moves after this which make this unlikely, but this would free up a ton of cap space for them to work with.

If they could get Hedo off the books as well, they would be able to make a serious run at Williams.

Also Redic and Jameer's contracts are coming off the books after next season so we would still have room to sign guys.

Also a lot hinges on signing George and Hibbert first, it all depends on what happens with their qualifying offers.

Finished writing this and realized there is 0 chance of this happening at all, but it would be interesting to see what you guys think about it, or if you would be willing to take on any contracts that come with picks for next year.

Possibly from a team like Dallas, who will be very close money-wise to sign Deron Williams.