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Thread: 3/31/2012 Game Thread #51: Pacers Vs. Spurs

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    Default 3/31/2012 Game Thread #51: Pacers Vs. Spurs



    Game Time Start: 8:30 PM EST
    Where: AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
    Officials: M. Davis, N. Buchert, D. Guthrie

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, San Antonio Notes
    Local TV: FSI
    Local Radio: WIBC 93.1 FM
    NBA Feeds:

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    Season Records: (W-L)
    (Away: 14-13)
    (Home: 20-4)
    Upcoming Games:
    Apr 01
    Apr 03
    Apr 04
    Apr 06
    Apr 07
    at vs at vs vs
    7:00 pm
    7:00 pm
    7:00 pm
    7:00 pm
    7:00 pm

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    Kyrylo Fesenko, getting into wacky hijinks in Point Place, WI, out

    Oddly no one...yet...

    Minimally Relevant Video:

    Semi-Relevant Video:
    If there happens to be video evidence of the Pacers ever
    beating the Spurs, I can't find it. So instead you get this...

    Eight Points, Nine Seconds Preview Review:
    Tim Donahue: Breaking Down a Breakdown

    Jonathan Auping identified an Jordan Crawford And-One as summing
    up the lack of effort the Pacers put forth last night. No doubt, that
    play was ugly.

    But in looking at that play, I found the play before it to be more
    troubling, particularly when you consider what Jared Wade had to
    say about lack of execution in his piece on the Pacers’s search for
    an identity
    the other day.

    I broke down the two plays here, narrating my thoughts, as well as
    throwing in some audio I had picked up from Frank Vogel and David
    West. There’s only so much you can get from this kind of navel-
    gazing, but it’s occasionally worthwhile to thoroughly dissect a play
    like this.


    48 Minutes of Hell:
    Jesse Blanchard: Looking back at the trade

    The Indiana Pacers will be in town this weekend, reuniting George Hill with
    the organization that drafted and nurtured his game through the first three
    years of his NBA career.

    Back in the summer, when the trade was made, a home game against the
    Indiana Pacers would have been billed as “George Hill’s much anticipated
    return,” however, the “much anticipated” part becomes more muted with
    each sign of progress from Spurs rookie Kawhi Leonard.

    Instead, Hill returns an ex-flame whom we recall fondly; though one that
    rarely crosses our mind at all these days. That’s not so much a slight at
    Hill as it is a testament to how perfect a marriage the San Antonio Spurs
    and Kawhi Leonard have been.

    It was only two years ago that national pundit and local fans were pushing
    the Spurs to trade Tony Parker in favor of the cheaper, younger, and up
    and coming George Hill. But moving Parker then, even for a promising
    defensive big man, would have opened up a whole new set of problems
    San Antonio would have had to address. And with another season with
    almost no statistical growth relative to his career numbers, coming off
    the end of his rookie season, the cheaper and up and coming labels for
    George Hill will have diminished some.

    His time with the Spurs was always going to be limited so long as they
    employed Parker and Manu Ginobili. Hill was the Spurs fourth best player
    playing the same position as two of its best three players, and while he
    was a nice luxury, his skill set overlapped with theirs and ultimately
    provided nothing unique to the Spurs, just varying degrees of better
    and worse.

    The Same, But Better

    To accommodate Hill, the Spurs resorted to three guard sets, which hurt
    them against opponents with larger wings, as we saw in Memphis. The
    further Hill moved away from defending his natural point guard position,
    the less valuable his defensive prowess was. And again, defensive point
    guards are a nice luxury but can be a tad overrated in terms of impact.

    It’s for these reasons...CONTINUE READING 48 MINUTES OF HELL
    This is the darkest timeline.

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