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Thread: Some thoughts about our low APG numbers

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    Default Some thoughts about our low APG numbers

    As most of you know the Pacers are last in the league in APG at a lowly 18.1.

    Some people attribute this to Darren Collison not having the court vision of a pass-first PG (he certainly tries to be pass-first, though). Others attribute to the simple offensive system that our 1st unit runs. Others attribute to a multitude of things (mainly on the lack of ball-handling skills in our team and on the fact that our starting front court is slow).

    But let me try to analyze this statistic.

    I'll start by a personal observation (and I'm sure that a lot of you have noticed this as well).

    When one of our players receives the ball, their first thought is to pass the ball unless they are wide open. And that's good because they do not force a shot early in the shot clock but instead get what the defense is giving them.

    Currently we only have 2 players in our roster that their first thought is to shoot the ball when they receive them. Those two are Lou Amundson (he will shoot it if he gets the ball within 10 feet) and Leandro Barbosa. Everyone else will look to find the open man first and when they don't (cause we are really bad in moving without the ball) they'll put the ball on the floor and try to create a shot (usually by getting the ball into the paint).

    Here's another interesting point. Post ups do not net assists most of the time. Wings that drive to the basket do not assists on a consistent basis either. What do they net? FTs.

    So, how do we rank in the FT statistics? We're in the top 3 in all FT statistics except for one (FT%) in which we are tied for the 5th place. Also, we are 1st in one of the most important FT statistics. What's this statistic? Percent of Points from Free Throws. We are first with 21.2% of our total points coming from the FT line. OKC is second with 20.6%.

    It is true that the Pacers do not move the ball well (we are capable of doing this as we proved in our last game in the play that led to a DC three) but they make up for it by going to the line and hitting their FTs.

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