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Thread: Question about schedule

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    Default Question about schedule

    Upcoming heat and nets game will be our fourth one against those teams. i checked the schedule we have 3 games each against pistons, bulls and bucks on the entire season.

    aren't we supposed to play the most games against teams from the same division? am i wrong on this one? this probably has something to do with condensed season but still doesn't make sense to me.

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    Default Re: Question about schedule

    Nothing about this season is the way it is supposed to be. My guess is they threw out the suppossed to play teams inside your own division 4 times thing in order to make the schedule work - I'm sure it was a tough assignment to get each team to play 66 games in the short period of time.

    Have also noticed that is seems like teams play each other more often in short periods of times. Like a team will play another team 3 times in 14 days.

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