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    Too much to cut and paste but it is an absolutely excellent summary on how Bernard reached the point where he was fired. It doesn't answer exactly how 'now' was chosen as the time to do it (at least before a replacement was lined up... which apparently there's no immediate replacement lined up, let alone how it (the timing) sends all the wrong signals to fans, partners, sponsors, and potential sponsors (and promoters)), and nothing to really counter that. But it squarely shows you how Bernard lost respect and support in the paddock.

    It also goes to show you how the anti-Bernard crowd were emboldened because the board never strongly stood up for Bernard. So things quickly snow-balled from there.

    Robin Miller became a bit of a Randy Bernard cheerleader and I think Pruett's summary of events as well as the knowledge of how it ended shows that Miller left some dirty laundry issues out of his reports (because he had to know these things and know they at least had the potential to quickly grow serious and were growing serious). Bernard certainly wasn't fired out of left field as it appeared to fans and as Miller led us to believe.

    It'll be interesting to read Pruett's Part Two where he'll address the other side of the issue with supporters of Bernard.
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