LA gets:

Danny Granger
Tyler Hansborough
Darren Collison

IND gets:

Pau Gasol
Darius Morris

LA clears some salary in this deal. They fill three positions of need with starters or borderline starters, which is much better than what they currently trot out on the court. They get rid of Gasol before he starts to decline and get good value out of him. Collison is back in LA, while Hansborough will probably be a big jersey sales guy.

We bring in someone to start at PF over West, but the three bigs we have would all get their fair share of minutes. Gasol is much longer than Hansborough and much more skilled, which would help reduce volatility in the capabilities of our lineups. This would force us to go get a combo forward as a backup. We would need to get at least two players back from LA to fill the roster. I used Darius Morris because he doesn't fit what the Lakers have traditionally wanted out of a PG. I'm sure Barnes would be included and maybe Fisher since he is owed more than the other minimum deals.