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    Fletcher has turned down numerous contracts. If he doenst want to be here, then oh well. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the guy. But if he wanted it done itd be done by now.

    Secondly, our number 1 was Santana freaking Moss last year. That woulda been fine....if we had the 2004 version of Santana Moss.

    Lastly, its 2000 hours on the first day of free agency. FOUR hours have passed, and you are already saying they have not addressed all of their needs. Of course they know they need O lineman. ITS BEEN FOUR HOURS. And of course they can afford them. They have plenty of time to work deals out (and restructure old ones, not to mention the cuts that are upcoming)

    Lastly, its not 42. Its 21 SB + 9 base salary. If he hits all of his incentives he gets the full 42, but I am OK with paying him a lot if we make the playoffs. We need to show the NFL we are not a joke, and our teams as of late have not helped with that

    Also important to note. Colston gave the Saints the hometown discount. Otherwise he and Garcon have the same deal
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