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Thread: Would the last Polian to leave, please turn out the lights

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    Default Would the last Polian to leave, please turn out the lights

    Dennis Polian leaves for Titans
    Found 2 days ago on Fox Sports:

    There are no longer any members of the Polian family working for the Indianapolis Colts. A source told that Dennis Polian is now the new assistant to Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak. The Colts had initially planned to keep Dennis Polian as their director of football administration even after the January firing of his father Bill (team president) and brother Chris (general manager). But according to a source, Dennis Polian irked Colts management when asking for permission to interview with the Titans. Indianapolis acquiesced and granted permission after it was initially denied. Colts general manager Ryan Grigson then fired Polian over the telephone while he was meeting with Titans brass in Nashville, Tenn, the source said. Polian will be taking the spot of Devin Bonik, who left the Titans for the same position in Atlanta under Falcons head coach Mike Smith. Polian's responsibilities will include assisting in coaching staff decisions, personnel evaluation, and coordinating the Titans' practice schedule and football calendar. Polian held the same job before under Brad Childress with the Minnesota Vikings before leaving for the Colts in June 2011. Polian also served as the director of football operations at Tulane University before jumping to the NFL. Bill Polian initially joined the Colts as general manager in 1998. Besides drafting quarterback Peyton Manning with the No. 1 overall pick in 1998, Polian built the roster that won Super Bowl XLI, reached Super Bowl XLIV and made nine other playoff appearances in 14 seasons. Polian, whose spot as general manager was filled by his son Chris after being promoted to team president, is now working as an NFL analyst for multiple media outlets
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    Default Re: Would the last Polian to leave, please turn out the lights

    Don't mind Polian leaving to go there...... As long as Peyton doesn't.

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    Default Re: Would the last Polian to leave, please turn out the lights

    Might as well start calling them the Tennessee Colts.

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