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Thread: Report: Redskins trade THREE #1s and a #2 for RGIII

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    Default Re: Report: Redskins trade THREE #1s and a #2 for RGIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Hibbert View Post
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    In last years draft they could of selected Andy Dalton.
    2010 Tebow.
    2009 Josh Freeman.
    2005 Aaron Rodgers.
    2004 Ben Roethlisberger
    2001 Drew Brees
    See a trend here? There are gold if you use them right or know what your doing and there management has made a joke of their own team for years.
    Eh, whether or not Tebow is a good NFL QB is still up for discussion, and Freeman has potential but still has a lot to prove. So basically you have three franchise QBs that have been drafted in the last decade. You're going to single out one FO for missing all three?

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