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works well with their scheme is a understatement you couldn't design a QB who fits better in the Shanahan bootleg system. RG3 has a ton of Jay Cutler in his game and even more Aaron Rodgers.

I dont blame the Skins he is a perfect fit and they maybe overpaid but in 5 years they will be happy they did IMO this is a smart gamble IMO.

Rams did very well for themselves as well worked for both teams.

there was 0% chance the Rams kept the pick it was way to valuable Justin Blackmon isnt worth 4 picks one being #6 overall
You lost me at Aaron Rodgers. Only two QB Heisman winners have won the big game with the last being Plunket in 1970. Griffin is an option QB and ran the damn ball an average of 17 times a game. An option QB has never won a superbowl, not even the best there was in Mike Vick. I'm so sick of hearing Skip Bayless talk this guy up like he's the second coming of Jesus Christ. They had four home games all year and lost three of them. Outside of Oklahoma they only beat two other ranked or at the time, over ranked teams in TCU and Texas. Completely overrated IMO. Remember this post 5 years from now. Bust.