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    Default PORTLAND

    POR gets:

    AJ Price
    Lou Amundson
    2012 Indiana First round pick

    IND gets:

    Jamal Crawford
    Marcus Camby

    Two upgrades coming our way. Our first and a ton of cap space going their way. The ability of Portland to Amnesty Brandon Roy kills their need to relieve themselves of salary. They are well under the LT at this point, but this would get them well under the salary cap with a lot of rookie deals on their books.

    An underlying thought with this trade is this. Portland giving these two guys up really hurts their chances of winning. This is almost like a tanking move where they remove some talent a couple months early and are able to easily move up in the draft. Our first, even with these guys improving our team, only moves down the draft order slightly at worst for Portland. We aren't overcoming the few teams ahead of us as it is. If anything, it takes a few weeks of games to get the rotations comfortable and we lose a few more games that we shouldn't have. I think this keeps our pick value static while improves their chances of moving up in a good draft to be in the lottery. There are a lot of bigs available at the top of this draft that could be difference makers next to Aldridge and Batum.
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    I actually really like this idea. We get our scoring 6th man and a back up center that defends and rebounds.

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