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Thread: Peyton Manning - Thanks for the memories...

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    Default Peyton Manning - Thanks for the memories...

    My wife found an article online about Peyton Manning, and decided to share it on Facebook, but only after she wrote the following comment....I was pretty impressed with her comment, so I thought I would share it with all of you, as well as the article that she is referring to...

    This article completely sums up how I feel about this situation. In a world where athletes are overpaid, cocky, and horrible role models for our youth, we had Peyton who is well-mannered, smart, generous, and successful. Peyton embodied Indiana hospitality and motivation, and you don't get an athlete like that very often. He is an absolute class-act and someone I hope my son admires for years to come. I have heard many people say that fans are taking this situation too personal or overreacting. I would argue that we haven't just lost another football player or pro-athlete. Indiana lost a role model, a terrific representative for our state, a hugely philanthropic person who truly cared about the people in our community, and in the days of athletes demanding to be traded for more money or championships, he was the definition of loyalty - to a team, to a city, to bettering the communities where his fans called home. This loss is not just about sports or business - it is about feeling like the people in charge have told a beloved member of your community that they are no longer welcome. It is more than just a business and Peyton showed us that. I just hate that we weren't able to show him the loyalty that he showed us.

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    Default Re: Peyton Manning - Thanks for the memories...

    i agree with everything in the comment except the last part, unless she meant that she hated that the circumstances made it impossible for the colts to keep him. paying 28M for peyton in this state is insane and would have crippled the colts' rebuilding until the contract was up.

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