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Thread: 2012 NBA rumors thread part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermute View Post
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    From the other thread, Nets looking to salary dump Farmar ($4.2m) and Petro ($3.5m) in order to maximize their cap space for next season. They're offering the Houston 2012 pick (obtained from the TWill trade, currently #17) as incentive. Charlotte's large expiring deal (Diaw) is the supposed target. Pacers could probably do the same deal, but we probably don't want to mess our own 2012 cap space.

    Also from the other thread, there are persistent rumors that Tyreke Evans is on the block. Supposedly the Kings are looking for a veteran leader in return, with Danny Granger previously being mentioned as a possibility (not in the current article though - I'll dig for the old article if anyone's interested).
    Hmmm, Granger for a talented young ball stopper.

    They'd have to send Demarcus for me to be cool with that Granger/Hans for Demarcus/Tyreke.




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