Just a second round pick for him?

Moving Boris Diaw (30 percent chance, at best): Diaw has been benched and he's good as gone. It's a matter of whether by trade, a buyout or when his contract expires at the end of the season.

Diaw has trade value, since he's an expiring contract with a $9 million cap value. Playoff teams could "rent'' him for the rest of the season. The problem is few, if any, teams could/would absorb a $9 million salary without sending a comparable salary to the Bobcats. And that scuttles most trades.

The Bobcats won't take on salary responsibility beyond this season unless that player is both young and a keeper. Why would a team give up a young keeper for Diaw if the alternative is waiting until Diaw is waived, and then sign him for a minimum salary?

I'm guessing the only trade that works is Diaw for another expiring contract. If you could also squeeze a second-round pick out of that transaction, the Bobcats would be doing well.

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