Indiana receives: Gerald Wallace and Jamal Crawford

Portland receives: Dahntay Jones and two 1st round picks

Portland saves some money this year and next while bringing in 2 1st rounders and possibly AJ Price if he sweetened the deal, although I'd like to hang on to him.


The possibilites are endless with that rotation... Hill, Crawford, George, Wallace, Hibbert. Collison, George, Granger, Wallace, Hibbert. Crawford, Hill, George, West, Hibbert.

We may be over the cap next year even if Crawford opts out, but we'd still be able to re-sign Hill and Hibbert and remain under the luxury tax I think. The following off-season, West and Wallace expire and Granger has 1 year left. That leaves a ton of flexibility.

This year? We can beat MIA and CHI in a 7 game series