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Thread: Pacers / Nets - No big names, but makes us better

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    Default Pacers / Nets - No big names, but makes us better

    Simple trade. Our 2012 1st and our cap space for Morrow and Petro.

    Nets do this because they get cap space and a pick. Both are decent players but not part of their long term plans.
    We do this because it improves our depth.


    Morrow is a very good shooter. He tends to settle for jump shots and be somewhat a chucker but it could work out for us, because we need a backup wing that knows how to shoot the ball. His contract: $4m this year & next one.
    Petro is a defensive center. Has size, can rebound, block some shots. Nothing too fancy about his game. Gets $3.25m this year & $3.5m next year.

    What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Pacers / Nets - No big names, but makes us better

    I'd be fine with that if we can't get Kaman, Mayo or Crawford.

    Try those three first, if no go then do this one.

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    Default Re: Pacers / Nets - No big names, but makes us better

    Several Nets fans would laugh at the notion that Petro is a decent player who can rebound and block shots. Of course, these would be haters and Petro really cannot help the fact that he's a scapegoat on their forums (just read their boards if you find them).

    About the trade now.

    Morrow would be very serviceable for us. However, be prepared. He is one of most one-dimensional players in the NBA. He can shoot. That's all that he is going to do. Shoot jumpers. He is very good at this, though.

    Petro has size and can hit a mid range shot. He also is a decent FT shooter. But that's about it. He is not going to attack the basket and he's not a better rebounder or shot blocker than Lou. His hands are below par as well.

    I still don't entertain the idea of us giving a 1st round pick in this draft. It's going to be a deep draft. We can get role player out of our pick.

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