Dwight Freeney out of the Indianapolis Colts?
By Robert Kirchgassner
March 6, 2012
Dwight Freeney and the Indianapolis Colts may soon be going their own separate ways.

Freeney is entering the final season of his six-year, $72 million contract. There is the possibility that he will stay on for less money, but Freeney currently has no agent, which makes negotiations difficult. His last agent, Gary Wichard, died of cancer in 2011. Freeney has not looked for another agent since then.

However, a restructuring of Freeney’s contract may be in order, according to team owner Jim Irsay.

“That’s something that you can consider. You don’t always know if it’s possible with just one year left (on Freeney’s current deal). But, no question about it, when you look where we are with the cap, even if you look at making some significant roster changes to help the situation some, you’re still at a difficult point with the cap,” he said.

Freeney has played with the Colts since the 2002 NFL Draft. In 2007, he helped the Colts win Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears.

“To have me paid among the top players in the league — not just as a defensive players — means a lot of me,” Freeney said when the contract was signed in 2007. “[Colts general manager] Bill Polian is the one who drafted me. I was hand-picked by him. He was going to do the right thing for the organization.”