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Thread: 3/3/2012 Game Thread #35: Pacers Vs. Hornets

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    Default 3/3/2012 Game Thread #35: Pacers Vs. Hornets

    IT BEES?


    Game Time Start: 8:00 PM EST
    Where: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
    Officials: K. Mauer, M. Kogut, M. Lindsay

    Media Notes: Indiana Notes, New Orleans Notes
    Local TV: FSI
    Local Radio: WIBC 93.1 FM
    NBA Feeds:

    REMINDER: Per PD policy, please do not share a link to, describe how to search for, request a link to, or request a PM about streaming video of a NBA game that is not coming directly through the NBA. Not even in a "wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know-what-I-mean" round-about sort of way. Thank you

    Season Records: (W-L)
    (Away: 11-8)
    (Home: 4-15)
    Upcoming Games:
    Mar 05
    Mar 06
    Mar 10
    MAR 11
    Mar 13
    at vs at at vs
    8:00 pm
    7:00 pm
    7:30 pm
    6:00 pm
    7:00 pm

    Projected Starting Lineup:
    Projected Starting Lineup:

    Jeff Foster, sore lower back, day-to-day

    Trevor Ariza, illness, questionable
    Eric Gordon, knee contusion, out
    Carl Landry, MCL sprain, questionable
    Emeka Okafor, sore left knee, out
    Jason Smith, concussion, questionable

    Is it just me or does Chris Kaman's 'projected lineup'
    picture look like a Civil War soldier whose letters
    would be featured in a Ken Burns documentary?

    "My Dearest Abigail Emaline, How good it would
    do my rheumatism and gangrene to return to our
    Louisiana home..."

    Semi-Relevant Trivia:
    Which Hornets coach has the highest
    winning percentage in franchise history?
    A. Allan Bristow
    B. Dave Cowens
    C. Dick Harter
    D. Byron Scott
    E. Paul Silas
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Minimally Relevant Video:

    Semi-Relevant Video:

    Eight Points, Nine Seconds Preview Review:
    Tim Donahue: Schedule Maker's Gift

    As I’ve noted in past By The Numbers posts, I pay a lot of attention to Strength of
    Schedule. Mostly, I look at a little concoction of my own (or at least, I haven’t
    been able to find anyone else using it) called SoSHR – a weighted SoS based on
    home vs. road records.

    For the Pacers, the schedule just isn’t all that tough this season, but that’s pretty
    much true for everyone in the Eastern Conference. Based on current records, the
    Indiana Pacers are projected to have the 4th easiest schedule this season. The only
    teams with easier schedules? Eastern Conference rivals Atlanta, Philly, and Chicago.
    In fact, the SoSHR is so skewed East vs. West that the Eastern Conference owns the
    10 easiest schedules, while the Western Conference owns the 10 toughest.

    Here’s an overall look at the Pacers’ slate:

    The red line represents the YTD SoSHR. The black line shows a rolling 10-game
    average, and the blue line coming in from the top shows the track of the Pacers’
    winning percentage.

    The takeaway from the red and black lines is that the Pacers are past the toughest
    part of the schedule, from a broad perspective, though there is one more challenge
    coming up. When the Indy returns from the break, they will play the final games
    of their easiest 10-game stretch of the season – hosting the Warriors on Tuesday,
    then not playing again until Saturday in New Orleans. They’ve split the first
    eight games, so the “easy 10″ didn’t help them a great deal.

    Then, starting on Monday, March 5th, they play their toughest remaining 10-game
    stretch of the season, with an overall SoSHR of .545. The ten games are spread
    out over 18 days, but they include...CONTINUE READING AT 8p9s

    Don't forget the Pacers Digest Awards - LG33 Edition.
    You have until Monday @ 10pm to vote for
    Sunshiner of the Year - LIGHTENING ROUND.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Any poster who made nominations in eight or more categories
    AND votes in all award races will automatically qualify for a random
    drawing to win a gift certificate from
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