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Thread: heywoode's Pacemate photos-Heat @ Pacers 02.14.12

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    Default heywoode's Pacemate photos-Heat @ Pacers 02.14.12

    This game pissed me off, but at least the Pacemate were smokin' hot again! Spent much more time shooting freak show in the crowd shots, Area 55 shots, and Pacemate shots than game shots. That's the beauty of going to games; there is ALWAYS plenty of shooting subjects/material!

    Home recovering from major dental surgery yesterday, so I'm kinda on the zombie mission to get caught up today. Running on lack of sleep because of pain, on some great pain meds, and home from work and hanging out. Definitely feels better sitting up with my head above my heart because when I lay down for too long with the head/mouth equal to or lower than my heart, the pain really starts hammering me...Since I'm bored out of my skull and loafing...and in pain and mostly needing to sit up, might as well bust out some Pacemate photo threads!

    I've pretty much given up on caring about posting game photos. I have limited time to process and post photos at all, and people seem to get more enjoyment from the Pacemate photos! If anyone has a serious request regarding game photos, I will try to oblige...

    On to the hotness!


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    Default Re: heywoode's Pacemate photos-Heat @ Pacers 02.14.12

    Good work as always. I love the shots of the Pacemates dancing in the crowd. The one where the guy isn't even with his wife and he's still looking away hiding his eyes is classic. He's like "I don't care if she's not here, she WILL find out. I better look away just to be safe!!!!"

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